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Gardevoir was the most elusive Pokémon for us to find in New Pokémon Snap and ended up being the final creature we needed to complete our PhotoDex. You likely guessed they were in the Elsewhere Forest but how exactly do you get to them? Plus, despite Ninetales also appearing in the Illumina spot you can get a much better picture in the same location as Gardevoir.

The Elsewhere Forest is packed with secrets and in order to unravel them, you need to discover how to trigger each season. What we're interested in is Winter - and getting to it surprisingly takes no time at all.

While being Level 3 may or may not be mandatory we still suggest reaching this requirement to get the most out of these pictures. Make your way to Elsewhere Forest and you should immediately see an Espeon jump out and run into this distance, it's hard to make out with all the fog but they take a seat next to a path on the right - which the NEO-ONE is unable to follow without a little trick.

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Curious what that tantalizing floating blue rock is? Turns out there's a group of Espurr just off-screen controlling it and to get to them you're going to need a little help from the Trevenant standing in the middle of the path. Press the R button to play a song from the NEO-ONE, this will please the Trevenant allowing you to scan again and take a secret path to the right.

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Don't rest just yet, now that you're on a new path you need to interact with the Espeon who's followed you down. If you ignore them and carry on you'll find yourself in a season you've already visited however throwing an Illumina Orb on makes them happily scurry off into the fog. Simply follow Espeon without any further interaction and you should find yourself in the Winter variant of the Elsewhere Forest.

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From here Gardevoir is remarkably easy to find as multiple of them are lounging around waiting to be Snapped. You'll also be able to find a Ninetales towards the end of the section opposite the hibernating Bewears - although don't be disappointed if they're too far away as there will be more opportunities to snag a picture in just a moment.

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After the Winter section you'll be taken to the final fog area, if you haven't already unlocked the alternate ending then be sure to light up the four Crystabloom in the area, these are all on the right-hand side and should unlock a new route for you to scan just before the fog wall.

This final area brings all the seasons together and now that you've visited Winter you will be able to find not only Gardevoir but you'll have a much closer interaction with Ninetales.

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We hope we helped you finish off your Dex but if you're still struggling we've compiled every single Pokémon in the game complete with a picture of where they can be found.