Image: Nintendo Life

One of the quests in Disney Dreamlight Valley's new Festive Star Path is catching five Kingfish. However, a lot of people are seeing that quest and thinking, "what the heck is a Kingfish?" Don't worry! They're really hard to catch, and you're not alone. We can help!

How to catch a Kingfish

Kingfish are about as hard to catch as Fugu, because they require specific conditions.

Head to Dazzle Beach at night and fish in the blue and white fishing spots — although you'll have better luck with blue, apparently!

Night time in Dreamlight Valley begins at around 6pm, but players are reporting that fishing after 8pm is much more productive.

How to increase your chances of finding Kingfish

  • Bring a fishing companion — they'll often double your haul!
  • Apply Merlin's Miracle Fishing Bait to your rod
    • Ingredients: 10 Vitalys Crystals, 5 Red Algae, 100 Dreamlight = five applications

Best of luck with finding those Kingfish — we're in the same boat as you!