Viral Survival

Viral Survival


Nippon Ichi


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Our Review: 7/10

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  • Nintendo Download 24th May 2010 (North America)

    Metal, Poker, "Saucy Jack" and Circuits for DSi and Art Style, Viruses and Monkeys on the Wii this week in North America

    DSiWareMetal Torrent (500pts – Nintendo) – Nintendo dips its toes into the bullet-hell shooting arena via developer Arika's latest DSiWare game. This has been out in Japan for a while and was published in Europe earlier this month. Read our Metal Torrent review to find out..


  • News More Viral Survival Details Break Containment

    Get your shots here

    We first brought you news on NIS America's upcoming WiiWare game back in December, and now we've been infected with some screenshots and an official press release. Viral Survival (JP title: Escape Virus) is an "escape" action game where you control a DNA unit and dodge through enemy virus attacks. If you save a...


  • News Viral Survival: NIS America's Next WiiWare Project?

    ESRB listing reveals what could be another downloadable gem from the highly-esteemed firm

    NIS - or Nippon Ichi Software to close friends - is no stranger to WiiWare. The company, which is famous for the best-selling Disgaea series, has already dipped its toe in the WiiWare waters with the bizarre Let's Hitchhike, which is out in Japan now. However, more downloadable goodness could be on its way..


  • First Impressions Escape Virus

    A fun little mobile game for WiiWare

    Escape Virus is the freshman effort from Peakvox - an iPhone and mobile game developer - with the focus being on pick-up-and-play arcade gaming and ascending to the top of the world ranking in each of five game modes. The menus throughout the game look like metal car number plates which drop onto a titled plane with a nice clanging sound. It's a bold and..