BurgerTime World Tour

BurgerTime World Tour


MonkeyPaw Games
Frozen Codebase


Game Rating

User Ratings: 6

Our Review: 3/10

BurgerTime World Tour News


  • News BurgerTime World Tour Meats its End on WiiWare 30th April (UPDATE 2)

    Will be half off while still available (except on WiiWare)

    [UPDATE 2: MonkeyPaw Games has now confirmed that the WiiWare version of the game will not be receiving the discount.] [UPDATE: As of the posting of this article, the discount has not appeared on the Wii Shop Channel. However, a representative of MonkeyPaw Games has said via email that the...




  • News BurgerTime HD Takes 40 Mega Bites Out of WiiWare

    A whopper to relish

    Retro remakes and WiiWare go together like bleeps and bloops, like gloomy arcades and sticky floors, like burgers and relish. How appropriate then that MonkeyPaw Games and Frozen Codebase are bringing BurgerTime HD to Nintendo's download service this summer. A game about creating a giant and delicious burger, when a press release...

  • News BurgerTime HD Gets a Taste of Being a Multi-Platform Game

    MonkeyPaw Games' retro title rated by the ESRB

    Our Ante Up: Texas Hold'em review showed that a game doesn't need to be flashy in order to be successful, and publisher MonkeyPaw Games has had its upcoming title rated by the Entertainment Software Rating Board; a retro title that's sure to follow in the same vein. A recent ESRB rating of BurgerTime HD...