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Project CARS

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Bandai Namco
Slightly Mad Studios


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  • Video Greatness Awaits In This New Project CARS Trailer

    Become a legend

    Project CARS launches on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 soon, with the Wii U release taking place later this year. To build up interest in the game - which has already suffered a couple of delays - publisher Bandai Namco has published a fresh trailer which aims to show off the progression of the game's single-player career mode. The...








  • Feature The Biggest Wii U Games of 2014

    Some good 'uns are on the way

    A new year is here, and with it comes the opportunity for Nintendo and its partners to excite Wii U owners in the best possible way — with great games. We've decided to list some of the most anticipated and exciting games coming to the Wii U in 2014, all as a taste of what's to come. Our aim with this list is to...



  • News Project CARS Pushed to Autumn 2014 and Re-Confirmed for Wii U

    Xbox 360 and PS3 look to be dropped in favour of One and PS4

    Project CARS is an intriguing project in that it's been pushed forward by crowdfunding and by thousands of beta testers that have been playing a role in helping development towards its completion. Coming from Need for Speed veterans Slightly Mad Studios, the messaging around the game has...


  • Video New Project CARS Footage Gets Down to Nuts and Bolts

    Making a big play of visuals

    Slightly Mad Studios has been making a lot of noise about Project CARS, with plenty of focus on its visuals, realism, community involvement and an assurance that the Wii U won't get a "crappy" version. If a title's quality was determined by hype and positive intention, then this one would be a guaranteed success. Of...


  • News Project CARS Will "Fill A Space" On Wii U

    Catering for a need for speed

    The Wii U is short on racing simulations. In fact, aside from Need For Speed: Most Wanted and Fast And Furious: Showdown — neither of which could ever be described as hardcore racers — there's nothing to scratch that Gran Turismo / Forza itch on Nintendo's console. Which is precisely why Project CARS developer...



  • News Wii U GamePad "Screams Innovation", Says Project Cars Developer

    More positive comments

    The developer behind Project CARS seems pretty pleased with the Wii U GamePad, saying that it "screams innovation" and that it intends to take full advantage of the controller's features. Speaking with NowGamer, Slightly Mad Studios creative director Andy Tudor said: The gamepad just screams new innovations for gameplay and...

  • News Project CARS Will "Look And Feel Amazing" On Wii U, Says Developer

    "Likely" to run at 720p and 30fps

    Project CARS developer Slightly Mad Studios has revealed that the Wii U version of the game will run at 720p and 30fps, but will still "look and feel amazing". Creative Director Andy Tudor has been speaking to NowGamer about the forthcoming racer, and had this to say: We always prefer to aim for 30fps generally...


  • News Slightly Mad Reveals Project CARS Wii U Features

    Start your engines

    Slightly Mad Studios is bringing ambitious crowdfunded racer Project CARS to Wii U, and GoNintendo has unearthed a document detailing the team's plans for that touch screen controller. Slightly Mad — previously responsible for Need for Speed: Shift and sequel Shift 2 Unleashed — listed its pl