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MouseCraft combines elements from the two grandfathers of the puzzle genre – the geometric puzzling of Tetris and the resource management mechanics of Lemmings – and brings them together to make something entirely new. MouseCraft will be available on Wii U™ in the 3rd quarter of 2015. The exact release date, full feature set and price will be announced in the forthcoming weeks.

MouseCraft puts players in charge of the lives of three blind mice under the care of the mad Schrödinger, a mildly maniacal feline scientist. Trapped in the clutches of the conniving cat, the mice have no choice but to scamper cheese-ward, regardless of the pitfalls that stand in their way – explosives, homicidal robotic rats, electrified blocks, and vats of acid are only a few obstacles that await them. It is the player's job to make their perilous path passable by stacking the gaming world's most iconic blocks: Tetrominos.

MouseCraft features 80 unique levels, 7 different types of Tetrominos (including jellied blocks and explosive blocks) and a level editor allowing players to design their own hazardous rodent gauntlets. With its tongue-in-cheek, cartoonish style and customizable gameplay, MouseCraft is the ultimate game of cat and mouse.