Number of Players
1 (Single Player)
Release Date

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  • US 19th Jan 2023, $3.00
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About The Game

A retro-style game made up of pixel art. Control the main character and hero Zumi Man to fight Suwill, a monster that pollutes water sources. The weapon is a water balloon that explodes like a bomb and creates a stream of water. Clear the stage while exterminating Suwill with water balloons.
There are 50 stages in all. You can purchase items to strengthen and recover Zoomyman at the shop each time you clear a stage.
Retro game design, but multiple difficulty levels are available. [Reiwa], [Heisei], and [Showa]. You can choose your favorite difficulty and play.
It is saved on the way in the shop. Even if Zoomy Man is killed, you can try again.
It is saved on the way in the shop. When Zoomy Man is killed, the save disappears in the middle and it starts from the beginning.
There is no save on the way. You need to be prepared to play all 50 stages at once.
It doesn't have the convenience of modern games, but is recommended for those who want a retro feel. I'd love to be a Zoomyman. Everyone is a hero!