Seeds of Resilience

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Forever Entertainment


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Number of Players
Single Player
Simulation, Strategy
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  • 11th Jun 2020 (US/Canada), $13.99
  • 18th Jun 2020 (UK/EU/AU), £11.99
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About The Game

Build a village on a deserted island, and prepare for merciless natural disasters! Learn to choose the right items, understand nature's patterns, use real medieval construction and craft techniques in this turn-based management game. Build your civilization step-by-step: From stone axes and stick shelters to waterwheel powered mechanized workshops! All with realistic technologies and constructions. Features - Turn based: Take all the time you need to plan your actions. When you're done, end turn and start a new day. - Detailed building construction: Choose natural resources according to their properties. Use them to craft the materials needed to assemble a building. - Realistic medieval construction and craft techniques. Everything could be made in real life the same way. - Observe the environment response to human activity. Maybe you should avoid fishing everyday at the same spot or cut down the whole forest. - Survive in a harsh environment where storms and other natural disasters occur way too often.