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Adventure, Arcade, Party, Simulation
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  • US 1st Jul 2021, $4.99
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About The Game

Have you ever seen a group of pigeons fighting for a bread? As a player, you become one of them! You can play in local multiplayer up to 8 players (good for parties)! Bread Hunt Bread Hunt focuses on natural behavior of Pigeons, eating stuff (in game: bread)! Your main task is to eat given slice of bread. Pigeon which will eat the most pieces of bread, wins! Pigeon Fever Mode is made for people who like to chase each other. One of Pigeons is infected, your job is to give this infection to another Pigeon by pecking somebody (like tag game). But look! Your points are decreasing! When your points counter hits 0, you are being caged to the end of match. Last free pigeon wins! Pigeon Kingess Have you ever seen a Pigeon with bread on it's neck? This mode is exactly about it! Your target at the start of a game is to wear a crown by pecking it, then when you have the crown you HAVE TO RUN because other pigeons can take it off from you and wear it. You gain points by holding the crown! Capture The Bread 2 teams with up to 4 pigeons each! Main task: - Steal bread crown from enemies base! - Bring it to yours - ??? - Profit! Poop Point Like in Capture The Bread, there are 2 teams again. This time your team has to poop a given point. Team which will poop the point most will get a point! Obviously team with max points amount wins! Movie Editor Sandbox mode! You can set your pigeons, set scenery and do stuff! Play animations, change styles and do your own theater! Many locations to fight! You can defecate and slip on pigeons poop. Smart AI that behaves like stupid pigeons (very smart behaving like dumb).