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Board Game, Simulation, Strategy
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  • 24th May 2022, £18.99
  • To Be Announced, $22.49
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About The Game

Ogre is a turn-based strategy game of mechanised warfare, requiring tactical decision-making and strategic thinking. It's the official video game adaptation of the legendary tabletop wargame from Steve Jackson Games, developed by the award-winning Auroch Digital.

In the warfare of the near future, one type of unit inspires such fear that even allies keep a safe distance: the Ogre. These AI-powered tanks are so powerful they're the equivalent of a battalion of tanks and infantry.

Hovercraft, tanks, marines, infantry, and the monstrous Ogres all take part in an endless world war. As a player, you take command and vie for supremacy on the irradiated battlefields of the future.