Number of Players
1 (Single Player)
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  • US 23rd Aug 2018, $14.99
  • EU 23rd Aug 2018, £13.49
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About The Game

The Low Road is a point-and-click graphic adventure game in which rookie agent Noomi Kovacs must navigate her way through the world of corporate espionage in this dark spy comedy set in the 1970s.

Sporting a unique visual style inspired by gouache paintings and a pulsating rock and roll score, "The Low Road" will captivate players through intricate puzzles, branching moral dilemmas, and a quirky cast of memorable characters.


• A unique digitally hand painted 2D illustration style with 1970s television influences.

• Over 32000 words of dark comedic dialogue fully-voiced from a cast of characters

• Play from the perspective of two corporate espionage agents

• A mergence of traditional storytelling and engaging game play

• An original score of swirling psychedelia and dusty Americana

• Nostalgic point-and-click style gameplay influenced by LucasArts and Sierra classics

• Branching conversation puzzles that will challenge your deductive and intuitive abilities

• Over 15+ first person puzzle sequence