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  • US 8th Oct 2020, $5.99
  • EU 8th Oct 2020, £5.39


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Flipon is a juicy and fun arcade puzzle game full of surprises!

Mine flipoblocks by aligning them to make combos, survive the garbages tempest, solve puzzles and defeats the (cute) bad guys!

Join Kat and her crew of flipoblock miners in an epic quest in the Flipon solar system!
Embark your ship and visit 75+ differents levels though 5+ planets. But beware, each planet is owned by a powerful guardian and each level is a new challenge.

CAMPAIGN: 75+ levels mixing 5 game modes: objectives, survival, boss fights, puzzles and challenges!
SCORE ATTACK: an infinite scoring mode with online leaderboards
CHALLENGE: a procedural puzzle generator
VERSUS: local multiplayer fights, up to 4 players!
POWERS: 6 unique superpowers to use wisely in fights!