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Arcade, Other, Puzzle
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  • 28th Nov 2019, $4.99
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About The Game

Enjoy easy game control, clear graphic, and the best strike!

Shoot the ball and destroy the brick.

Colorful graphic expresses lively movement.

Find the best launch angle to smash all the bricks!

When the ball touches the wall and the brick, it bounces in the opposite direction.

Make use of the angles and the location of the bricks to show effective brick break.

Get as many balls as you can!

Collect hidden balls among the bricks and make the best use of balls.

You can break the bricks with many balls to challenge high scores.

Break down the other player! Local Multiplayer is available!

Fill the gauge with the successive brick break, create the bricks to defeat the other player.

One mistake causes much pressure! Enjoy the exciting game Brick Breaker.