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  • Poll Box Art Brawl #68 - Super Mario World

    It's a Mario, Mario, Mario, Mario World

    Welcome back, you beautiful bunch, to Box Art Brawl — our regular poll to find out which of two or more vintage video game cover variants from around the globe is the best, better than all the rest (diew, diew, diew-diew, diew), better than anyone we ever met. Last time we watched F-Zero take itself to the...











  • Random New Study Finds That Super Mario Is Basically Super Human

    Mama mia!

    We all know that Mario is a pretty super guy, risking his own life on countless occasions to save a princess who never really seems all that grateful for his efforts, but we now have scientific proof that he is indeed a superhero. Not only that, but his physical prowess is so magnificent that he can actually outrun the fastest man on the...




  • Video A Speedrunner Has Completed Super Mario World In Under A Minute

    Super Mario Woah!

    Speedrunning can be a thing of pure beauty; by studying every last detail of a game, and performing incredibly precise actions that seem almost impossible to us mere mortals, players can make even the hardest of games look like a walk in the park as they clear them in a matter of minutes. One such player, SethBling, has taken on...



  • Video Learn a Little More About Super Mario World

    Did You Know Gaming digs up some neat information

    It's likely that many reading these pages know an awful lot about Super Mario World; after all, it's one of the standout and iconic games of the 16-bit era, and is often in the conversation when considering the best Super Mario games. In any case, it's always interesting to learn a little more about...







  • News The Super Famicom is 25 Years Old

    16-bit beauty

    The 21st of November, 1990, was a day of commotion in parts of Japan; namely those that were around electronics shops. This was the day Nintendo launched the Super Famicom, a 16-bit system that has since found its place within gaming history and atop many's lists of greatest consoles. Only two games launched with the Super Famicom,...


  • News Celebrate Super Mario World's 25th With These Stylish Prints

    Available in poster or postcard form

    Super Mario World launched alongside the Super Famicom on November 21st 1990, which makes this year the game's 25th birthday. Arguably one of the greatest video games ever made, this iconic platformer certainly deserves a bit of birthday celebration, and with that in mind Arkotype's Dan Clarke has created some...




  • Video There's Plenty to Admire in this Super Mario World Speedrun

    Son of a Glitch explains how it's done

    Speedrunning is a particularly neat part of gaming culture, in which extremely dedicated and skilful players push games and their coding to the limit. Often exploiting glitches and - in the case of retro games - memory limitations of the original hardware, gamers find clever way to beat classic titles in a...






  • Video The Top 10 Mario Platformers, As Selected By You

    You voted, and the winner is...

    Way back in August, we asked you wonderful readers what your favourite Super Mario platform game was. You voted, and from those votes we came up with a Top 10 list, which we have immortalised in this video. If you ever played a Super Mario game, then you must be curious about what game is number one, right? Could it...



  • News Super Mario World Speedrun Record Is Broken

    Beating the game in under 10 minutes is an artform

    Super Mario World is a big game — so big it put other 2D platformers to shame when it launched alongside the shiny new SNES back in the early '90s. However, while many of us will have happy memories of wasting countless hours finding all those levels and secret routes, speedrunner linkdeadx2 has...

  • Video If You Love Mario Easter Eggs, This Series is for You

    Covering Super Mario Bros. to Super Mario World, so far

    One of the delights of retro Nintendo games is in discovering their secrets, little snippets of interesting features that can only be spotted with close attention. Hunting 'easter eggs' is a major part of retro gaming. A current series on the Did You Know Gaming channel is looking to reveal...


  • Poll Which Is The Best Super Mario Platformer?

    2D or 3D, old or new, you decide...

    Not too long ago we asked you to vote for the best Legend of Zelda game; plenty of you participated. You made the impossible decision, as it's never an easy pick with so many world class games on the list; in the end the iconic and memorable The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time seized the crown. We r