Magician Lord

Magician Lord


Neo Geo
D4 Enterprise
Alpha Denshi


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User Ratings: 5

Our Review: 7/10

Magician Lord Reviews

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    Switch eShop / Neo Geo

    Review Magician Lord

    Casts ‘impedimentia’ too often

    It’s funny how over the years some big titles can fade completely into obscurity. There’s a good chance most modern gamers will never have heard of Magician Lord, but back in the early ‘90s it was actually quite a well-known title. That’s because in the early days of the Neo Geo, Magician Lord was one of...

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    Virtual Console / Neo Geo

    Review Magician Lord

    It's magic!

    One of the first games produced for SNK’s arcade system, Magician Lord is a lot like Capcom’s Ghouls ‘n’ Ghosts. You play the titular wizard as he battles to defend his homeland from the evil advances of the absurdly named Gul-Agieze. Considering the age of the game the visuals and sound are both excellent. The sprites...