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  • 21st Jun 2012, 500 points

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Jewel Legends: Tree of Life Screenshot
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    Not that there’s any shortage of them on DSiWare, but right off the bat it should be said that Jewel Legends: Tree of Life is a puzzle game. Not only is it a puzzle game, but it’s a match three puzzle game, which means that you know exactly what to expect with this download. While there are some new features to spice up...

About The Game

Rebuild the world of the Hods in Jewel Legends: Tree of Life.

Forgotten cities, hidden treasures, lavish monuments to gods, love and greed. You are about to embark on a journey to mystic places that few have ever seen: the Seven Wonders of the Forgotten World. Your quest begins at the foot of Stonehenge and continues through sacred temples, architectural masterpieces and forgotten cities. Only the most skilled and determined voyager will survive to see the worldwide journey's end. Along the way, you'll see priceless artifacts, ancient relics and architectural feats that the modern world has yet to surpass. A maze of age-old secrets and unanswered questions awaits you.