Number of Players
1 (Single Player)
Release Date


  • US 11th Apr 2011, 800 points
  • EU 14th Jun 2012, 800 points


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    Awesome ink

    All right, let’s be serious for just a minute. Who here hasn’t dreamed about the glitzy and glamorous lifestyle that comes with being a tattoo artist? Well, now you can finally fulfill your fantasy with the release of Art of Ink from Sabarasa for DSiWare. Though it’s obviously not a completely accurate representation of life in...

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Art of Ink Screenshot
Art of Ink Screenshot
Art of Ink Screenshot
Art of Ink Screenshot

Art of Ink News

About The Game

Pick a character, grip your stylus and ink your way to become the top tattoo artists in Art of Ink, the new Nintendo DSiWare™ game from Sabarasa.

Meet a crew of quirky characters, get to know their hopes and intimate secrets and select a tattoo that fits their personal history. Tattoos are very personal and each one should be unique!

Your Stylus turns into a powerful tattoo machine and you should use it with precision and responsibility. Keep your lines clean and your client comfortable or you are not getting tipped!

With three playable characters to choose from, follow their meteoric rise from newbie apprentices to Tattoo Masters as they face challenges from demanding celebrities and other prominent tattoo artists!

Welcome to the colourful world of tattoo culture!