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1 (Single Player)
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  • US 12th Apr 2010, 500 points


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    7 Card Games makes no effort to disguise its simplicity. It is what it is: seven card games, no more, no less. There’s no fluff, no extras and no incentive to play beyond the desire for quick, cheap, 500 Point fun. You might enjoy it while waiting for the train or before bedtime, but beyond that this game holds very little potential for...

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Who has the best hand?

Take a seat, have a drink and get started: Keep a straight face during poker while you wager the bluff of your life. Put it all on one hit in Black Jack - and take the jackpot. You choose the number of opponents. Prefer something quieter? Then try a Solitaire game like Freecell or Klondike. Whether you prefer a quick round here and there or fun for the entire evening, now you can always have your favorite card games right at your fingertips. The detailed graphics and authentic atmosphere will wow you.