Mega Man Legacy Collection News



  • News Mega Man Legacy Devs Working On New Collection With Capcom

    "I wish I could talk about it but it's really cool"

    Digital Eclipse's Frank Cifaldi has revealed that his company is working on a new retro collection with Capcom. Cifaldi was director and producer on the superb Mega Man Legacy Collection, and while he can't talk about this new venture at the moment, he says an announcement could come "any day now"...





  • News Neat Mega Man 3DS HOME Themes Arrive in Japan

    To celebrate Mega Man Legacy Collection

    Mega Man Legacy Collection - which includes the first six NES games and some nice extra features - isn't far away in the West. In Japan, however, it's out now, and Capcom has celebrated the 3DS version's release with a couple of rather neat HOME Themes. You can see videos of these below, with one having a...

  • Random Check Out the Official Mega Man Headphones

    Rocking out has a whole new meaning

    A little over a month from now, Mega Man Legacy Collection will be arriving on the 3DS; bringing all six original Mega Man games to the platform in a remastered bundle, with some extra features thrown in for good measure. While it may seem a bit redundant given how all six are already available to be purchased...



  • News Mega Man amiibo Supported In Mega Man Legacy Collection

    Dust off your Blue Bomber

    We have to admit we're really looking forward to the Mega Man Legacy Collection which is coming to the 3DS eShop early next year. In addition to offering faithful reproductions of the series' origins with the original six Mega Man games, the game also includes a Challenge Mode, which stitches together various areas and...