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  • Random Mobile Game Spotted Using Official Nintendo Imagery

    Ex-Nintendo veteran makes the shocking discovery

    Mobile companies are often known to embellish marketing materials to make their games more appealing to prospective audiences. This includes running ads featuring misleading gameplay, hiring influencers to run over-the-top promos, and - in this case - using imagery from other IP entirely. Yes, as...


  • News Latest Steel Diver: Sub Wars Update Takes Community Feedback Onboard

    Fixes based on player advice

    Following the release of version 4.0 earlier this month, Nintendo has updated its unconventional but addictive multiplayer shooter, Steel Diver: Sub Wars, to version 4.1. The latest update reverts changes made to submarine diving and surfacing angles to an earlier state, after feedback from the community’s player...

  • News Steel Diver: Sub Wars Version 4.0 Is Now Available

    Dive in and check it out

    Less than six months after the release of version 3.0, Nintendo has updated its unconventional but addictive first-person shooter, Steel Diver: Sub Wars, to version 4.0. The full details about version 4.0 have been revealed on Miiverse by the 3DS eShop title's director, Takaya Imamura: In Version 4.0, we've added the


  • News Steel Diver: Sub Wars Gets an Upgrade to Version 3.0

    More than 3.0 reasons to download

    Nintendo has updated its unconventional shooter Steel Diver: Sub Wars to version 3.0, as promised last month. This isn't just a stability update either – prepare for some serious tweaks to the formula. The update is global, so no matter where you are you'll be privy to the spicy new additions. To save rifling...





  • Interview A Look Through the Periscope at Steel Diver: Sub Wars

    No actual link to Star Fox despite Peppy's cameo, sorry...

    Steel Diver: Sub Wars will go down in Nintendo history, an honour perhaps exceeding its status as a very good download game — this is because it represents the big N's first full dalliance with free-to-play. Its February arrival on the 3DS eShop caused plenty of fascination, as a result,...