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Add me to the list of those willing to emulate games when not commercially available, but who will pay for the download if it is subsequently offered.

I'm actually playing through Earthbound on the Wii right now (first time through this game, and I'm greatly enjoying it) using a perfect homebrew emulator -- but of course, if and when they offer it for download, I'll pay up as usual.

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@mariofan: Illegal is such a harsh word. I prefer "Not supported by the government"

But I don't have homebrew. I'm not technologically inclined. As in "I just learned how to save documents on Word using keyboard only last week."



@mariofan5000: Piracy is illegal. Homebrew, in and of itself, is not, though it often opens the way to piracy, which is why companies work so hard to stop both.

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Captain+Jack+Sparrow wrote:

this is just a stupid internet forum... go & get a life people!

I mean all of this in a good way; don't flame me/or bite my head off with insults... I won't tolerate them!

You know, I read a lot of threads and some of them I think "what's the point of this?" or maybe I cannot think of something good to post, but rather than make a post that says "I cannot think of a contribution" or "What's the point of this thread?" I decide not to post in the thread at all.

This is my public service announcement for the day!

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I wish we could make threads that this is already discussed assigned reading.

  • so that people could see nintendo's reasoning. (Though that one post someone had "why would I want to see this from a business perspective? I'm not a pessimist like XXXX" still makes me laugh)
  • so that people could realize how whiny these threads are. Yes, I do recall stating that people weren't wining excessively in a thread on that subject a few months ago, but I've LONG since realized I was wrong

Since that won't happen, I wish I could avoid reading these threads and thus not enrage myself

Since that won't happen, I wish I could punch out the next person to start one of these threads

Since the law won't let that happen, I wish we could lock threads that devolve into this. (HINT HINT, moderators)

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wanderlustwarrior wrote:

Since the law won't let that happen, I wish we could lock threads that devolve into this. (HINT HINT, moderators)

Even if I had the power to lock threads I wouldn't lock threads like this because people can vent if they want even if I don't agree with their venting. Incidentally, this didn't "evolve" into anything, the subject makes it pretty up front about what the topic is going to be about, so the easy solution is not to read it if you're going to get riled.

Now if this OP had spammed the board with the subject in a short span of time I just would have started deleting the extra threads. In the meantime it would be great if people didn't make posts complaining about topics focused on complaining -- please!

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