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Hi everyone - I just wanted to share my ebay listing for a white Nintendo Wii console I recently 'fixed' and am now looking to send off to a good home. All the details are available at the listing but in short I bought to Wii after being told it wouldn't read discs and as it turns out there was a thin piece of cardboard lodged in the disc drive; once I carefully removed that it seems to work very well.

The listing includes the console, stand, sensor bar, power cord and multi-out cord but no controller unfortunately. Just thought a fellow Wii-lover might like to pick this up! If you have any questions let me know Thanks everyone!

Listing: [removed]
And P.S.: If anyone would prefer to purchase the Wii and not go through ebay just let me know and I would probably be fine selling it privately just through PayPal--I only use ebay because most of the time it helps get better traffic and exposure to items.

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Please don't advertise things like this on the forums. This isn't the place for that.


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