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What do you want to see in Zelda WiiU?
Personally I want them to incorparate as many mechanics from previous games as possible!
I would also really love more realistic sword play, weaponry and a huge world with side quests and believable charactors.
Hyrule is a charming world, and I'm happy Nintendo has carried on the legacy of the original Zelda for NES

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I'd really like to see a co-cop campaign incorporated in some way. In earlier interviews, Aonuma said they were thinking about multiplayer and I'd love to see it. Also, I'd like to see additional large, story driven quests in addition to the main quest. I'd be fine with this being added as DLC.
I'd also like to see Link in some new locales besides the typical forest, desert, mountain..... A rainforest type environment with river navigation via canoe would be awesome!



Yup, you can express your wishes in the main Zelda U thread


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