Topic: Xenoblades Chronicles X Almost 100% Before Chapter 11

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What more to say than that?

It's completely possible to almost 100% EVERYTHING before postgame. I crushed Telethia with Lvl 50 Lailah, have finished all basic and normal missions so far, and most of the available affinity missions. Currently perfecting all side characters with shop bought Prime armour and weapons (no need to farm armour or weapons for them since they are kind of useless in actual battle) along with almost perfect Arts & Skills setup and I'm ready to farm gear for my Blossom Dance build. Also forgot to mention that Cross has fully upgraded Lvl 60 Skell gear farmed from Aeviter in Noctilum. I play 180 hours so far.

Proof you don't need to go crazy but to look deep into the game mechanics and plan ahead what you are going to do in each gaming session.

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