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After about two years of my WiiU sitting in a box, I decided to take it out again to play it. Upon inserting the disc into the console, it read "invalid disc". I assumed it was just dirty or scratched, I cleaned it and tried again the same result. I tried many other WiiU discs to see if it was just that disc or the console, and low and behold every WiiU disc will just come up as an "invalid disc". I just recently received a replacement disc drive for it and installed it. I had heard that you need to swap the logic board from the original drive to the new one. So I took the logic board out of the original disc drive and installed it in the new replacement. Installed it in the console, and still receive "invalid disc. When I was researching at first I read that it could possibly be a scratched or dirty laser reader, but for some reason, it can read original Wii discs perfectly fine, which is the most peculiar part. Any WiiU game does not work, any original Wii game works great. I attempted just using the new logic board and new drive as it came. To my excitement, the thumbnail of the game inserted before swapping logic boards appeared, until the screen went black and read "There is a problem with the disc drive...blah blah blah contact Nintendo support" Could my original logic board be busted? I'm not sure how they work. Is there any way to bypass having to use the original logic board, since it seems to read the disc for a few seconds perfectly with the new one before it stops and says there is a problem. I have also updated the console to the latest version. 5.5.5 - Please, if anybody has had this problem before, let me know what I can do to fix it, or if anybody has any insight into what I should do, let me know.

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Sorry to be that annoying person who posts without offering any helpful suggestions but... just came here to say I have the same problem, but the other way around - mine won't read any Wii discs. I'd always put it down to putting abnormal wear on the part of the drive that reads Wii discs by using my Wii U to rip Wii discs to USBLoader GX.

You haven't been using yours to rip Wii U discs have you?

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Why don't you try purchasing a cheap but working wii u disc and try that. This will help you test if your wii u discs are to blame.



Maybe you need to adjust the intensity of the laser? I remember that being a thing with Game Cube disk drives.


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I’ve never opened a Wii u before but similar to the gamecube like @Eel said and the Wii , sounds like the laser pot needs to be adjusted

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