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Everyone that know's NINTENDO history know's about the Wii U failure. Ok first le'ts talk about the realise of the Wii, a revolutionary product. NINTENDO'S business was going fantastic, but it all went down when the Wii U realised. All It was was a controller, people weren't happy about it. And NINTENDO were slowly heading to bankruptcy until the new Nintendo Switch which made them go right back up, because let's get real who doesn't love the switch, it's like a Wii but you can choose for it to be handheld and it's just a fantastic product. But back to the Wii U NINTENDO'S worst selling product. Because all it was was a screen that's it, and it wasn't so revolutionary like its predecessor, Wii. Which is a very known and popular product still as of today.



@silvxerrrr I don't think anyone here will disagree. That's like saying the sky is blue.

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Yawn, heard it before with more of snappy edgey summary and the Wii U isn’t the worst selling Ninty product as there’s their “love”hotels and the Virtual Boy etc beneath it.

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Alright, I gotta stop getting into arguments with jump. Someone remind me next time.

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“ And NINTENDO were slowly heading to bankruptcy”

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The wii U was not a failure to everyone. Sure the mainstream media, alot of developers avoided it because of the gamepad thing and how much of a gimmick that was and the general public wasn't fond of it either. However myself having lived through the release every game system ever made i can say with confidence that there has been far far worse on the market than Wii U.

The only Nintendo machine i immediately hated was virtual boy. Just 10 minutes and I was like no this isn't working. Nothing but shades of red with a black background ugh!

I will say the name Wii U was just idiotic and probably didn't help matters. I liked it better when consoles were super or ultra or alpha omega or clever. GameCube for instance. It's a cube that plays games! Simple direct!



I predict we'll not see or hear from this user again...

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Wii U itself sound like ambulance sirens. 🚨
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The Wii U is literally the only console in existence I never regretted selling. Now that every single game has been ported to Switch (no one cares about Star Fox Zero) it's a literal paper weight. I blew $700 about 6 months after launch on a 32GB system and about four games and three weeks later I had nothing left to play. 6 months after that I still had nothing left to play. It's a great system to play Wii games in HD. I'll give it that. But, I have a Retrotink and Retrovision component cables for the original Wii so that purchase would still be unnecessary for me. I don't know a single person who kept their Wii U. Many traded them in or sold them to get a Switch. Super uncomfortable gamepad. I have huge hands and I still got many cramps playing Black Ops II. Plus you couldn't buy replacement gamepads? That was the biggest surprise to me.

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@Truegamer79 Yeah you're stating a point, for some people it was good but it was slightly a disappointment for alot of people.



@WoomyNNYes Yeah I do think some people disagree but it's a controversy.



@jump Oh yeah my bad I forgot about the virtual-boy.

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What's the controversy?

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