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I have 2 USB storage devices. One of them, a 4GB, has Splatoon on it. Let's call this the Red Drive. The other is brand new. Let's call this the Blue Drive. However, the red drive has been corrupted for some reason. I can still play Splatoon, but I periodically get an error message relating to the USB drive that forces me to restart my system. It is hard to play more than 20 minutes at a time, so I want to move the data from Splatoon onto my internal storage to fix this problem. However, whenever I try and do this, I get a message saying there was a problem with the transfer, and that it couldn't go through. I formatted the blue drive and tried transferring the data on the red drive to the blue drive and got the same message. So then I wanted to try a PC transfer, by putting both drives into my computer and moving the data that way, but because the Wii U requires a different formatting than a PC for some unknown reason, I can't even access the files without formatting the data to the PC, which would delete my files! So I'm wondering if there's any techies here that know how to transfer the data between two flash drives without formatting the drives. Thanks.



Are you talking about just your save data, or the whole game?

If you haven't already, unplug both drives and go to eshop and download Splatoon to your Wii U internal storage.

Once it's downloaded, turn off and plug in the red drive. Turn back on and see if you can just copy/move the Splatoon save data from your red drive to the console.

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Both the save data and the game are on the red drive. I'll try that, thanks for the suggestion.



Thanks so much! It worked perfectly! I can finally play Splatoon for more than 20 minutes at a time, which is good especially because of the upcoming Splatfest. I'm going Team Marie!


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