Topic: Star Fox 64 (Yes the US game) comes to EU Wii U VC on Thursday

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Because its a release of the American game called Star Fox 64 which is a more recognisable name.

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I've been playing it a lot since yesterday and having a great's increased my hype levels for Zero through the roof.I've put off buying any 64 games before now as I thought they would look pretty bad on my TV but Starfox looks great.i'm surprised at how sharp it is.Just the thought that I'll be playing a brand new HD Starfox in the same style as 64 but with gyro controls in less than 3 weeks is making me feel giddy.I really can't wait!

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I guess I'm just disappointed that there's no indication it will be released in the US/NA WiiU VC. This was one of the ones I wanted the most (and I'm fairly certain it would be really popular over here).

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