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ok let it be said that I am an avid gamer of many platforms - I an not a noob and know what I am talking about. Also I love Splatoon, It was my game of choice until the 50s began to ruin regular battle.

With that said - I am sick of seeing an entire lobby of 50s other than myself and occasionally one other person in a lobby for regular battles.

At this time in the games life cycle there are enough level 50s that they should have regular battle with just level 50s in them .

This would make it easier for the lower levels to actually level - I have been in my 30's for months because the 50s on my team just run around doing the crappie (flopping on the ground) while the other team slaughters us is not even competitive - or they run around shooting their guns in the air or just sitting in spawn doing nothing - again just because you are 50 does not mean the rest of us would not like to get there.

So since the numbers are there now, it honestly would be nice - like many other games do - have a level based regular battles
for example:
Level 1-25 (as these are the easiest levels to get)
Level 25-35
Level 36-45
Level 45-50 (these are the hardest to get)

This would now make it more enjoyable to go against people of the same level and allow the lower levels to actually move forward. This would improve the games flow and overall enjoyment factor.

Please do not troll, I am not the only person frustrated by this now that there are so many level 50s.



There's plenty of level 50 players that play the game normally without spamming or trolling. Players that mess around in a public battle instead of trying to win are annoying, but you'll still see these sorts of players even if you aren't battling level 50 players.

If you come across players who are just spamming, it's easiest to leave the group after the match has finished, return to the lobby and join a different group.

If you desperately want to become a higher level, then ranked most usually increases it a lot more than regular battles.

On a side note, there's already a Splatoon thread. This stuff might be better suited to be discussed in there instead of a brand new thread.

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Edit: also, I let my 3-yr-old play on my account. She's really bad at splatoon, but she has fun as long as there are people on the other team that notice what's going on and give her a chance. We've had some great matches that were obviously played just for fun by most players involved. And some frustration when everyone on the other side was obviously taking things super-seriously...

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@crimsontadpoles takes the points here.

As we already have a Splatoon thread, and this is about Splatoon, would it be OK if you took this over to the Splatoon thread. It's fairly straight forward to find, just search 'Splatoon'.

Thank you.

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