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Ok so I have been replaying older Zelda series titles to pass the time until I can afford BOTW and while games designed for this console work great and I love them, the ones designed for previous consoles kind of suck. Yeah sure, they later fixed the issues with the controller, but you would have to purchase it AGAIN, for a discount of course. It's like REALLY? You put out a product, mine for instance being purchased for my birthday. How was my relative who also grew up trusting the Nintendo logo supposed to know which one OOT and others to purchase. No way would I tell them that oh by the way your present needs an upgrade otherwise it doesn't work so well and oh it will cost you more, but hey its a discounted price. Ummm yeah no. I haven't been able to finish OOT since I received it last September because of the issues. This used to be my favorite game. Sad.



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...I don't understand your complaint.

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sillygostly wrote:

...I don't understand your complaint.

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So… Your relative bought OoT on the Wii Shop Channel instead of on the Wii U eShop, so you can't play it because you don't have a Wii Classic Controller? Or the Wii Classic Controller just has an annoying button/stick mapping?

I'm just curious. This guessing game is kind of fun. That does sound frustrating though.

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Not sure what you're saying but if you really really want to play OoT, just buy the N64 version. If that's not an option then get it for your Wii U or just get a classic controller for your Wii. It says on the Wii shop what controllers you need to play so it's not like they lied to you. There's also a remaster on the 3DS, a lot of options for you to pick from. If I totally misunderstood that's cuz I can't understand what you're trying to say haha.


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