Topic: Rodea the Sky Soldier, worth it at $20?

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Pretty much the title. I recently learned I can pick this game up for 20 here in town. Having read some of the reviews and such I keep wondering if it is worth the price. I'd rather hear from some people who played it rather than some of the big name review sites. Anyone out there have any input?




Get the Wii version not the Wiiu version. (Unless it says bonus game inside.)

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yeah the opinion I've heard from anyone whose played them is that the Wii version is pretty great and the other ones are...not...

honestly a bit disappointed in myself I didn't get this. (but then again, I rarely seem to buy/play games nowadays so whatever...)

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I'm wondering this, too. Toys R Us has it for $20 this week, and at least at mine it is still the version that contains both the Wii U and the Wii versions. It seems like a good deal, but I never really cared for NiGHTS and this looks like a very similar game, so even $20 is too much for a game I don't know if I will like. What is different about the Wii version?


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@Xyphon22: I don't have the game, but I've heard that the controls are much better on the Wii version. I think they changed the controls for the Wii U version, and made the game a lot worse that way.

I've been wanting this game, so if I can find it for $20, I'll be sure to get it!

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Have found it for 20 at Best Buy, but sadly no copies with the Wii version of the game.



Only if you can get the Wii Version(it'll say on the cover), that one was great while the other was complete pants. I traded it in and kept the Wii disc and never looked back

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I still often see the WiiU box with the "bonus game inside" sticker still. Best Buy or Toys R Us has it almost always here. The 3DS version seems to have vanished.
Did they ever actually put the Wii version in just a Wii box or did it 100% come with the WiiU version? I never saw a Wii box for this irl, just before it was released when they showed graphics with it appearing.

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It's also inside the Wii U box, they never released the Wii version on its own

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