Topic: Provide Amiibos with Download Bundles in addition to disc bundles

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I am a big Amiibo collector and have every single one.

Here's something I can't stand: every time a new one comes out, even for a game I want, like mega man collection or Twilight Princess HD, I can't buy the game online in the estore, which I prefer because I don't like the noise of discs and love to direct download, and get the packaged amiibo.

$60 for the bundle with amiibo, $50 for direct download and amiibo. Nintendo's sales margins are much higher on a direct download with no packaging or channel margin to best buy, etc.

I would even pay $60 dollars just to have the direct download and get the amiibo in the mail the same day.

This is not rocket science - you should be able to get a non-physical bundle and get the amiibo. Otherwise, I have to buy the game again for another $60 to get the amiibo, scalp it for $30-40 on ebay or wait several months.

This is an easy solve nintendo. I have raised it with customer service as an idea every month for 18 months with no progress.



It would be convenient, as another full digital + amiibo user, but I shop the deals for my amiibo, so I just wait and get them for a good price lol

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