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WaveBoy wrote:

And those saying Motion Controls are a gimmick, that's so 2007.
Yeesh, when they're done right they're amazing. You need to think outside the box, open your mind and realise the insane potentional there is aside from two little dual analog nub sticks.

Quoted for truth. It offered some totally new game experiences, it would be a shame if this would be the end of the line for those games, just when they are starting to mature.

What I want from Cafe is balance. A better balance in "casual/hardcore" games, a better balance in first/third party games, and also a balance in making use of the available technology. Cafe will probably support the Wiimote, a traditional controller and the new touchscreen controller. I hope they will use the kind of experience that works best for a game, and don't force something that doesn't need it for the sake of using a gimmick. The Wiimote was a great piece of technology, but the balance just wasn't there. For every good executed motioncontrol concept, there where a ton of forced waggly-gimmick ones that damaged the game.



I would like to see:
The Gamecube included in VC
Wii compatibility
Disks, not cartages (sorry retro fanboys)
3DS not as a controller, but compatibility
VC transfers, but not WiiWare.
And have it OVER 9000p!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! jk

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I agree with waveboy, there were some great motion controlled games. Anyway heres what I want from the system:

  • backwards compatability with both wii and gamecube discs.
  • vc and wiiware transfers
  • ports/remakes of worthwile 360/ps3 games, so no gears of war, god of war, crysis, mass effect etc.
  • Saturn, dreamcast, 90's and 2000's arcade games on vc

What @Waveboy said, and also: new social gaming experiences (local ones!) that weren't possible in the past. I'm sure the private controller-screens will play a crucial role here.

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I hope if they do motion controls it's some kind of Kinect thingy you get out of the box so that they can just have one main controller, which would be CC/CCP style plus the touch screen. I think a lot of people this generation wanted to design for CC/CCP but didn't because it wasn't selling well, so we ended up with crappy controls that did not fit well on the weird controller Nintendo was pushing. Just let the old Wii remote work for backwards compatible games. This way, motion control people will be happy and so will dual analog people (and so will I, being a fan of the SNES controller).

pntjr wrote:

VC transfers, but not WiiWare.

Why would anyone specifically want it to lack a feature? If it's going to be backwards compatible at all, it better have transfers; there'd be no excuse not to. I'm going to buy more cautiously next generation, if I buy into next gen at all, but I've got a bazillion downloads now and don't want to lose them because Nintendo was lazy. They did it for 3DS. I hope they do it for Wii, too.

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Come on, friends,
To the bear arcades again.


not everybody has great internet connections, so a local wireless LAN would be cool. something strong enough to atleast a get 10 house range.
i`m sure nintendo will offer the internet channel again, they need to have all of the current upto date drivers and plug ins (they also need to keep this updated regularly too), and better hardware to deal with data heavy web sites. youtube is notorious for being way too slow on the wii, and it`s always asking for a flash update.
if they keep the motion control idea. it wiuld be nice to have wiimote compatability. i would be annoyed if i had to pay out again for the equivalent controllers at the same price.
if they decide to put memory into the controllers again. i would hope they can use it for game saves as well as mii`s.
if the rumours are true that nintendo won`t include an internal hard drive. they should atleast have usb support for one, and the ability to play music from the hard drive in multi formats including mp3 (and play from sd cards too).
VC is deffinitly a must have, and you can move your games and game saves from the wii to the wii 2. and maybe transfer wii shop points over to the wii 2,




weird_adam wrote:

I want all the games to be free.

Brilliant. I want this and a pony and my Wii2 to be able to shoot rainbows from the disc slot at command. I want my Wii2 to enslave the entire human race, make me attractive to any woman that lays eyes on me and the ability to erect a statue in my name. That's all.



Backwards compatiability with GCN and Wii
HD graphics
Blu-ray/DVD/CD player
Virtual Console (Gamecube games on it as well)
Good online play
$300 or below
3DS connectivity is a must
Better third-party titles

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I'm look forward to big N's E3 Show to find out the what the OS. will offer. Looking @ 2006 we got a remote that could point N click w/t are TV's use the internet for Online Gaming Channels, News, Weather, "voting", Browser,& Voice chat using Avatars.
-I would like Nintendo to continue with the promise that Wii's OS system has, tided around a communality "Channel" (Wiispeak+) For U have already coined the word, friends list. Because that is where it's @ for Me, that's the Nexxt facebook, Nintendo$


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Wireless headset preferably some turtle beaches so I can watch movies and cuts scenes in peace and freaking group/party chat like Microsoft also notifications like invites and such.

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WaveBoy wrote:

Ah, well that would be 9:00Am. thanks bud!
Here's hoping Reggie walks out in a My Little Pony Bikini with a Pikmin Bazooka strapped over his man boobies.

I may be scarred for life.


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