Topic: Kids squabble over gamepad control - ideas?

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Hi my kids have a wii u with one game pad but as you can imagine there is a battle to see who gets the game pad every time we turn it on. can some one please tell me the best solution so both can play at the same time thanks.

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@micky01 The only way for them both to have a gamepad at the same time is to get another Wii U - there are no games that are known to support more than one gamepad at a time. But there are, of course, many other types of controller compatible with Wii U (e.g. pro controller, Wii Remotes & nunchucks), just none of them have a screen (except for the 3DS control on Smash Bros. only).

Alternatively, you could get them one or two Nintendo 2DS consoles for portable gaming. One could have the Wii U gamepad while the other plays on the 2DS. Or sell the Wii U if it's causing too much hassle and buy them identical 2DS units - several DS games support local multiplayer and download play (where only one copy of the game is required).

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Buy a really nice wiimote (like the ones decorated after Mario characters) and a classic controller for it, and artificially make it appealing to them, either by acting like it's the best thing ever or by saying something silly like "it's only for big kids".

They'll fight over it instead.


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You could try alternative controllers like those mentioned above; many Wii U games have multiplayer options with the Wii Remote, for example. You could also set a certain time limit on how long each kid can have the Gamepad before they have to give it to their sibling.

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Sadly the Wii U is only design to use one gamepad. If it continues to be a problem I would suggest maybe selling the Wii U and get a Wii.

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Take it away from both of them and tell them if they can't share, they can't play.



Take it back and use the money for the Nintendo Switch ūüĎćūüĎć

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thanks all i'm sure we'll sort it


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