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It's great to hear that Lego City Undercover will join the Selects line. I've been curious about this game. I looked up the digital install size, and it's about 20GB. Yikes. I've never seen a Lego game anywhere near that size. The last Lego game I played was Lego Hobbit, and that was "only" 7GB. How is this game so different to merit such an elephantine footprint?



It's daft putting Captain Toad and Mario Party 10 in the Selects range. Both are already available for near enough those prices. And Captain Toad was a cheaper than usual retail title. Got to scrape that barrel somehow. SM3DW and Pikmin 3 are good though.


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Hopefully this can be taken as a fair indication that the EU 3DS Selects range will also expand a bit more.

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