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Spoiler warning for those that haven't played or finished and don't want to know plot details.

So I just finished normal mode Bayonetta. I love hard core games but I'm rubbish at them so it took me 26hrs. There still stuff to get like Rodins treasures and I didn't manage to collect all the records for all the weapons. Are some of these only unlockabke through hard mode or is it just because I missed some Alfheim areas?

I enjoyed the journals from Lukas dad they seemed to have some loose riffs on the war in the Middle East as well as North Korea towards the end. Does anybody know if that's what they were going for, any articles would be appreciated if anyone knows of any.

So the annoying girl was me! Well I gotta say I must be stupid but I wasn't expecting that. I hated having to protect here from damage!

Father Balder's voice acting (in English dub) was awesome that made me giggle along to his elongated words!

I'm going to have to give it a little time before number 2 and may keep unlocking bits n peices in the first before I do. Fingers crossed Platinum see fit to go Bayo3.

Would like to hear others thoughts on the game and chat about highlights and tips whatever ya like. I did look for an old post to read through and add my thoughts but only found unrelated topics.

Some of Mario Odyssey is seriously giving heart palpitations.... that plumber is trying to kill me!


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