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Bomberman Tournament, but that game in general is quite underrated. It has some pretty catchy tunes, I love it.



Octane wrote:

Bomberman Tournament, but that game in general is quite underrated. It has some pretty catchy tunes, I love it.

Is all hope lost that this could come to the WiiU VC? I'm dying. I spent so much time on this game.



No time for the classics, just the recent ones on here...

Knytt Underground (Wii U)
50 great quality deep ambient tracks! Check out the 4 hour full OST on youtube. Hard to believe to fit a game and this soundtrack into something that's not even 100MB big. A technical feat imo.

Citizens of Earth (Wii U)
No standout track, just tons of enjoyable, charming, fitting, and positively clumsy 16bit music that doesn't get old.

Year Walk (Wii U)
If the music wasn't eerie enough, there's a part in the end of chapter 1 that really makes amazing (and extremely creepy) use of the sound and music between GamePad and tv.

Shovel Knight (Wii U)
Obviously this game has a great range of NES-inspired tunes, many of which are energetic, heroic, or epic... or rather epic-feeling! The best part is that many are so memorable and powerful, it eventually gets to you and you're humming along.

Life of Pixel (Wii U)
In this game it's not just the graphics of 10 different 8bit and 16bit consoles and homecomputers that are faithfully recreated. It's also the sound and music. This game is a nostalgic rush from the early 80ies up to the early 90ies and the music that goes along with it is perfect.

Freedom Planet (Wii U)
I haven't beaten this yet. I'm on the last boss though (where I got my first Game Over), but by listening to some music, especially in the cutscenes, a few nice tunes have grown on me. Not really what I listen to, but I know this game's soundtrack will have its fanbase.

Sonic Picnic
It's a music studio that produces great tunes for Two Tribes games (Toki Tori 2+, RIVE, etc.), Swords & Soldiers II, as well as Typoman.

There's more great music on Wii U... tbc...

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I'd have to say Secret of Evermore. It was one of the first games I really remember where the sounds and music really pulled me in and gave me that immersive feeling.

A runner up is that horrible Lord of the Rings game on SNES. The game is crap, but the music was good.



PigmaskColonel wrote:

Regarding the GBA soundtrack (by Wise), I honestly find it a very mixed bag and to be a little bland compared to Novakovic's work. Then again, music is something mostly up to opinion/interpretation.

@PigmaskColonel: I asked earlier if you know why the soundtrack was changed in the GBA version. Interestingly, I found David Wise's personal answer to that question:


Pretty much any Kirby game except for Super Star



Rush 2 omg. I went to Vegas recently cause that's where my bf is from, and and we drove down the strip and this was in my head.



Don't know if this counts as underappreciated since the game is pretty recent, but I love Transformers Devastation's OST

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Did this thread move from the Retro or General forum to the WiiU? I don't remember it being here...



The intro song in particular, it's the first thing that plays in the video, the rest is gameplay. It's a PC-88 game called SA-ZI-RI. I haven't played this game, but it would be both surprising and cool if anyone here has played it.

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Don't know how under-appreciated it is or not, but Persona 3 had a pretty good soundtrack. The Battle to Save Everyone's Souls really stuck with me.

Also a lot of the music from the Trauma Center games, especially any of the final boss themes.

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Bit Boy‼︎ ARCADE for 3DS eShop. Only the few people who've played it have heard it.


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Had to find this ancient post to recommend the Nioh and Nioh 2 soundtrack to people. I've been playing through these games for a while on PC and gotta say, the soundtrack doesn't get nearly as much recognition as it deserves.

This may be blasphemy to say but I even prefer it over the Dark Souls/Bloodborne OSTs (haven't played Sekiro yet).



Also gonna add the Half-Life series in here since a lot of people probably forgot that soundtrack is a banger, Fire Emblem Awakening and all the portable mainline Monster Hunter games (especially MH4U and Rise).

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