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Dear all

About a week ago, I noticed that the plug on my Wii U sensor bar plug fitted rather loosely into the port on the Wii U, and now it doesn't seem to recognize the motion controllers at all, so I can't play games requiring motion contollers (unless I point them at the gamepad instead of the TV)

I'm fairly sure it's the port that is faulty, not the sensor bar or the controllers.
Has anyone ever replaced this by themselves, and if so, where did you get a replacement port?
Alternatively, is there such a thing as a sensor bar that works via the usb socket?

I'm sure I must be able fix this for much less than the £50 or so that Nintendo would charge me.

Thanks in advance,




Nintendo sells a wireless sensor bar and there are many 3rd party options. The wire simply provides power to the LED's in the sensor bar so a battery powered one works just as good. There are probably USB powered versions too targeted for those who use them for emulation



If you decide to try a wireless bar, I would recommend it. I have a third-party one that works flawlessly, although it will power itself down after 2-3 hours, which can be highly annoying if you're playing a game that requires it.


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