Topic: Ducktales Remastered being removed from the Wii U eShop (Now back on the Wii U eShop)

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@Sunsy Finding time to play all these games....It's such a dilemma these days as we're inundated with them. I feel your pain.

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Good news everyone, DuckTales Remastered returned to digital stores.



@MortalKombat2007 My friend just sent me a message about it being back too. Thanks for letting us know.

Here's the official blog post by Capcom that confirms this too.

If any Wii U owners are interested in Ducktales (or even if you have an Xbox, PS3, or PC) feel free to grab it now.



If any of you guys and gals happen to have Disney plus the original show is on there btw!
Just saying! Oh and as for the game. If you haven't played it by now shame on you!

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I think I bought DuckTales Remastered three times. I originally brought it at full price on XBox One since it was the only platform I had at the time. I bought DuckTales Remastered on PC and Wii U as well cause they were on sale for super cheap. This game went on sale a lot and for a very low price. There isn't much of an excuse to not already own it in your digital library before it was delisted from stores.


Both DuckTales shows are on Disney+ as well as the movie. For fans of Disney and Disney Afternoon, I highly recommend Disney+.

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