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got banned for two weeks for posting a snapshot of Luigi doing a back flip in peach's face with the description, "so cool," in the support peach community. i didn't know you could get a ban from in game posts


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Miiverse hasn't changed a bit, cool.

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Keep it PG-13-ish.



@Undead_terror Yeah I get what you are saying but considering that most people who have a wii u are not little kids i think it is fine. the wii u's intended audience i would presume would be 10 + and most people at this age find stuff like this humorous. Also considering its in game content it can't show nudity. I've seen a pic in CALL OF DUTY BLACK OPS 2 community where a guy's head was cut off with blood; they couldn't delete it because the game was rated M so it suits the community.


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Think of what would be appropriate for a community before posting in it, as you say, it may be appropriate for the call of duty community to post gore because it is for a mature game... But smash isn't, so why would implied sexual imagery be accepted?

Don't let the many many miiverse trash users suck you into heir vortex of mediocrity. They get banned very often too.

If you want to share your """raunchier""" funny pics, there's many other places for you to do so.

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