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Hi! Should I get the LoZ Wind Waker or Collectors edition for GameCube? Thanks!



Are you new to Zelda, and do you own any other consoles?

In terms of purchases, I'd say pick up Wind Waker if you own a Wii. All the Collectors edition games are available on the Virtual Console should you want them.

In terms of which game to start with? Personally Wind Waker was my first, and it got me into the series. Many would also recommend Ocarina of Time, which is on the Collectors Edition, but compared with Wind Waker it looks and plays a little dated. Both are excellent games. The Collector's Edition also includes Majora's Mask, which is a sequel to Ocarina of Time as has quite a cult following, but I've not played enough to comment.

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From what I heard Majora's Mask is a bit glitchy in the collectors disc.


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@Meowpheel I have heard this too. My only experience with MM is through the Collectors Edition, and in particular I remember there being some graphical issues such as frame rate drops. This was before I could tell you what "frame rate" meant, so it was pretty noticeable.

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@Meowpheel I have the Collectors Edition to confirm that, frame rate is just terrible on the collectors edition, it's ok for collecting purposes but I myself don't even play these versions of the games, TheIronBot I suggest you buy Wind Waker.

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OP hasn't posted on this site since November, and I'd like to think he's made his decision by now and is enjoying a whirlwind romance with the Zelda series.

...But we'll never know, not in this thread anyway.

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