Topic: Where is the best place to buy Gameboy Advanced games?

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Hello, basically there was a fire somehow, and my Gameboy Advanced SP Zelda Edition died along with all my games from childhood,
I was wondering where would be the best place to buy a new system and game,
I’m looking for the best ones and the ones I had mainly all t Zelda's, Castlevania, the Mario’s and that one game called Pokémon’s all the good stuff, any recommendations would be great
(also trying to be funny but the fire was serious)
please recommend sites and games for me to get or places to get
I know buying from the place China is a no no and I have good eyes and any tips for seeing fakes because people makes those I guess

Also please ask if I need to clear things up I was in the Army and was deployed and was medically discharged so some of this might not make sense

Also hope everyone is okay with this COVID-19 stuff (And in General)

Thank you for your time have a nice day

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@stevethekat Metal Jesus Rocks made a YouTube video for places he likes to buy retro/classic consoles & games. is one of them. I've been to estarland in the DC area, and they are pretty serious about their quality. I've bought a couple used complete games from them. They sell new & used.

Edit: here's the video. Store list in video description.

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eBay or a used game store is your best bet. Just don't buy anything without actual photos of the items. Buy NOTHING with stock photos. I have bought many systems, including expensive rare ones, on eBay just fine. Avoid Amazon or any online retailer. You should also use OfferUp, Mercari, and craigslist


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@stevethekat Be super careful of fake games. Even local stores are full of them. Make sure you are super familiar with what the label should look like, as well as other things on the cartridge. There should also be a little number sort of dented into the label.
Hope you find some games!



I buy my Gmaeboy Advance games from a store in my hometown at the mall called "Gamers in Control". The clerk sells used and new gameboy advance games for a living.



I would be wary of buying GBA games online unless you know what to look for in fakes. Unfortunately with the COVID pandemic going on alot of placed that In would suggest like flea markets or conventions are not possible right now.

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I got lucky and found a GBA SP with Pokémon red, FE TSS, and FF tactics are a garage sale for $5


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Amazon, Etsy, and eBay are good places to start. As others have mentioned, do be careful for fakes. Online shops are saturated with them. If the price seems too good to be true (for more popular tiles), it's probably a fake.



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