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It’s-a-me Mario!
I like Mario, I don’t mind that he doesn’t really have a personality cos we know he’s a nice, kind, brave, mild mannered pasta lover! And the fact that he doesn’t have a notable personality means he won’t ever be annoying or in your face. I do think character wise he is kinda boring and flat compared to some other characters, but he’s still likeable enough so I’m ok with that really. Link from Zelda is way more boring. His voice really suits him imo

I think these discussions will be interesting if anyone answers was also gonna do Luigi and Yoshi straight after



Mario was okay for me but not so exciting.
I still prefer Ratchet from Ratchet & Clank than Mario since Ratchet has more personality and cooler looking.

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Mario has always been my favorite character of all time! His games, particularly the platformers and the Mario Kart series, were the reason why I'm a gamer today, and I've been playing them since my childhood. I love how cheerful he can be, too...he's pretty much Nintendo's very own Mickey Mouse in that regard.

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Collects millions of coins but yet, never uses the, to buy better security for peach. Instead he uses that cash to host kart races and partys, which ether isn’t normal.

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Nintendo are like woman, You love them for whats on the inside, not the outside.

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Had a turtle problem in my sink. He got rid of them pretty quick. A bit expensive. Good customer service. 4 stars.

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Mario is definitely the plumber of all time.



I used to consider him a stand up guy, but he borrowed a tenner off of me a year ago, and has insisted he’ll repay me “next time” every time I’ve seen him since.



Finally, the burning question I've been wanting to be asked my entire life. I like him.



I like him. He's the most white-bread protagonist in video game history but he has just the right amount of pizzazz so that I don't find him boring (especially in Mario Odyssey, he's so damn EXPRESSIVE).

He's also usually my go to when it comes to the medium-weight characters in Mario Kart and I'm not really sure why. Maybe it's due to the fact that he's the most average in every stat: not amazing in anything, but also not terrible either.

Lastly, I very much enjoy playing as him (and especially his counterpart with a PhD) in Smash Ultimate. What's weird about this is that I couldn't stand him in Smash 4, despite him being arguably much better in that game compared to Ultimate. The world works in mysterious ways I suppose....

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