Topic: Nintendo Wi-Fi USB Connector - Hidden Secret?

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Released when Mario Kart DS was released, it proved very useful when non-wifi routers were the norm.

Recently dug mine out whilst prepping for a move only to discover that they tend to be quite popular on eBay going for around £20-£30. Is it just a fun little collectable or am I missing something regarding current abilities?

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Considering they don't even work with modern computers, I can't imagine what?



I had one since it worked for the Wii as well. IIRC the company that made it for Nintendo was sued and as a result had to stop making it which is why it could be going for a high price now.

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Plus, while it wasn't exactly rare, it wasn't tremendously common either, which would explain an increase in price.

I don't remember what it cost when i bought mine (and have no idea what it cost on your side of the pond), but is £20-£30 that much more than the original price when it was released?

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