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I'm looking into RetoBriting my NES and I found REALLY cheap Hydrogen peroxide, but it has a ton of wierd ingredients like "hydrogenated castor oil" and "Cetearyl alcohol" Does this matter or will it screw up my NES? (I have a spare NES that I'll try it on first just to be safe and to not ruin my $400+ modded NES)
Here's some pictures of the ingredient list:


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I’m not at all familiar with retrobriting, but that looks pretty different from regular hydrogen peroxide since it’s some kind of hair product that simply contains hydrogen peroxide. I know prices might vary based on where you live, but hydrogen peroxide is typically really cheap (as in < $1 where I live). If you have a Walmart, Target, or any pharmacy where you live, I’d play it safe and buy some from them; it usually comes in a 3% solution mixed with water, so you wouldn’t be exposing your console to all those other random chemicals.


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