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Hi all,

Forever gamer/collector so I've accumulated a lot of goodies over the years and through various ventures.

So I have this jacket here... red track style zip up size M. Was apparently a prize in a competition maybe late 80s early 90s and came direct from Nintendo... only has the logo embroidered on the chest and 01 Fanboy on the back with a small M tag sewed in neck line. Its in red with white embroidery and 2 spripes down each arm.

I have never found anything like it or heard of it anywhere so I would be curious to see if anyone has some ideas... I would be forever greatful for any knowledge that can be shared ūüėĀ

With thanks


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That sounds really interesting! I can't be of much help there, but if you want to add photos, I recommend using and selecting "Hotlink for forums."

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@Dilem0r Sounds like a pretty cool find honestly! If you're wondering how to insert photos, my advice would be to:

  • Take a photo of it on your phone.
  • Send said photo to the email account on your computer and download it from there.
  • Head over to and select the file you want to make into an image.
  • Wait for it to process, click the image, click 'open in new tab' and highlight the url.
  • Finally, put in (img) the image url you want to put in (/img), replacing the ( ) with [ ] so that it works.

It sounds convoluted but it's a lot easier than it seems, trust me!

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@Dilem0r sounds like you might have some kind of an employee jacket or google nintendo prize jacket 90s 80s to see if some jackets match yours.

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Thats for your help everyone! I have been looking all over the net and still can't find anything like it... but I have managed to upload a link to photos of it



I don't think clothing is a category of gaming merchandise often documented.
So it's probably just nobody knows about it.

I'm not sure how much of a collectible demand there is for game clothing either.


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