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I saw the article about the Kickstarter for "Garden Paws" which is an Animal Crossing homage, in development for PC & Mac (and the Switch in 2019). See

I thought, yeah, it would be cool to find a PC game just like Animal Crossing to play and relax to, and maybe get other interested in. When I did a search and looked at
it came up with 26 titles, but most are either mobile apps or more farming sims, not general "wander around and explore" games. Furthermore, most of the games mentioned are **old**. I wonder why that is? To be blunt, Animal Crossing is so popular, I would have thought the formula would have been copied much more often.

Anybody have any other recommendations for PC games that are like Animal Crossing?



@Lone_Beagle I suspect it's possible that developers are concerned about being immediately labelled an Animal Crossing rip off or fear that AC is too dominant to compete with. I mean ever since Pokemon become the dominate monster catch and raise game, few games have had success with that formula because they are constantly compared to the giant title.

It could also be a belief that there is little demand in such a title. I mean it took years before Wargroove entered development to fill the niche left abandoned by Advance Wars. I've read that Advance Wars was largely abandoned because developers believed that genre had lost popularity for whatever reason. (And intelligence systems wanted to focus on the more popular Fire Emblem)

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