The Nintendo Switch is arguably the ideal platform for lifestyle and simulation games as you can take it with you anywhere you go. With this in mind, a new Kickstarter Project under this same genre is targeting a December 2019 Switch release. 

According to the Kickstarter page, Garden Paws by Bitten Toast Games will allow you to grow plants, run a shop, tame animals, rebuild a town and go spelunking in caves. There are also seasons and 24-hour cycles. It’s being described as a "relaxation simulation RPG" experience and in its current state apparently offers more than 20 hours worth of questing and endless gameplay. There's even a PC demo available to try out. 

Here are the exact features in the game:

  • Turn your small home and shop into a large farmland through upgrades and questing.
  • Grow seeds into beautiful flowers and vegetables to sell in your shop.
  • Raise and care for animals like chicks and chickens. With more animals to come!
  • Build up the nearby town adding a Museum, Blacksmith, Inn and more!
  • Overcome natural disasters with the help of the townsfolk!
  • Upgrade your tools and weapons.
  • Collect artifacts to sell or donate to the Museum for fame and rewards.
  • Explore caves and dungeons for unique loot!
  • Take a break and do some fishing!
  • Invite up to 3 friends to play with you in your farm!
  • Personalize your character with unique skins, accessories and more.
Garden Paws Switch Image

Take a look at the Kickstarter trailer above and tell us if you would be interested in this game. Would you also like to see more lifestyle and simulation games released on the Switch? Leave a comment below.