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Hello All!

I recently acquired a 'field destroyed' Nintendo WiiU Kiosk from a local Gamestop. They threw it out in preparation for the new Switch. After disassembly and cleaning, the only real damage was a cut power strip cord. I replaced the power strip and the thing fired up and worked like a champ!.... or so I thought. Apparently there is some sort of factory setting on the TV that cuts the audio off after about 30 seconds. I tried to contact the company that made the Kiosk, Interactive Kiosk Solutions - Frank Mayer & Associates, but they would not help me. I know that the company that made the actual TV is AUO. However, they don't deal with end users, so no help there. There is an ID plate on the back of the TV that labels it as a LYNX tv, Nintendo P/N 77388, Model No. 005-005-002. Does anyone know how to access the TV menu? Or adjust anything on the tv? Or anything about this TV??? Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!



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