Topic: Malfunctioning PSP, Help Much Appreciated

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(see above image)
My PSP 1000 is malfunctioning and causing the analogue stick and D-Pad to move insanely. Look at the left side in the picture, this part of the shell is slightly removed (you can see the faceplate rise up more than anywhere else on the PSP) from the system. I tried using several elastics to keep the faceplate's protrusion down at first, but it was impractical for viewing the screen. I tried using some generic tape, but that made the Memory Stick slot inaccessible and was only a temporary fix before the tape lost its grip.

Any advice? Is it easy to stick on a new shell/faceplate as long as you can unscrew stuff? Should I use glue and potentially wreck something? I'm trying to save for the 3DS so I'm not sure I want to buy another PSP if I can keep this one working(heck, a PSP2 could show up within a year or two if Nintendo is any indication).Help much appreciated!



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